Jennifer finally opens the door to Google

Remember earlier this year when I blogged about Jennifer Laycock’s challenge to kick the four major search engines to the curb and prove you could launch a business online without them?

Well I just noticed that the site she launched, BentoYum has now opened the doors to search engines again. There’s no bot restrictions in the robots.txt, it’s got a healthy Google toolbar PageRank of 4 out of 10, Google has indexed 284 pages and it was last cached on December 3.

So I wonder when this happened? The last installment of the Hide and Speak series that I can find is Develop Very Thick Skin published at the end of July. Did something happen to prompt opening the doors to search engines? Did Jenn make a post about it and I missed it?

I’m guessing that Jenn and business partner Abigail decided that their point had been made, that you CAN launch a successful business online without search engine help and they’ve moved on. But clarification would be nice!

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