There’s Something About Sphinn

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about social media space Sphinn that keeps me coming back, day after day. Here areSphinn logo just a few reasons I dig Sphinn:

  • It’s a cross between a social media community and a webmaster forum. In that respect it’s unique in a market bombarded with social media sites.
  • It has a clear target market aimed directly at my specific industry: search.
  • It has a fantastic, enthusiastic and welcoming community of users.
  • It isn’t plagued with egos and bury brigades.
  • It attracts well-respected professionals and industry rock stars.
  • It has features such as stalk, save and sort that just aren’t found at other social media sites.
  • It always has the freshest content! Whenever I want to learn more about a breaking story or what’s brand new to the scene, I can always rely on somebody to have Sphunn it.
  • Spam is pretty rare and tramped on quickly if found.
  • The quality of traffic from Sphinn is always top notch.

About the only thing I dislike about Sphinn is the name. I’m sure a bit more lateral thinking and better domain hunting would have produced a better brand. But for now, I’m proud to call myself a Sphinnster.

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