SEO Training of the Smelly Kind

Smelly SEOWell I was checking the SERPs to see what all the current fuss was about regarding Google datacenters at the moment (is it an algorithm tweak or just a shuffle?), when I came across something amusing.

Check the current SERP for “SEO Training”, paying careful attention to the #3 result. Yep, you can now undertake SEO Training of the Smelly Kind. From the site:

“In the Precertification Academy, DEP and PSATS provide Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) candidates with the basic knowledge needed to work for a local agency and prepare them for the duties and responsibilities of an SEO. We are committed to providing quality training to assist SEOs with making decisions that ultimately protect the Commonwealth’s public health and environment.”

It all sounds pretty similar to the responsibilities of most SEOs, although protecting public health and the environment is going beyond the call of duty. Perhaps we now have a more appropriate anagram for SEO: the Sewage Enforcement Officer!

Gave me a chuckle anyway.

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