Q and A: What keywords should my home page target?

QuestionHi Kalena:

I would like to know what you do when your business sells many types of one thing, in particular - Invitations. An index or homepage can only target so many keyword and to target the word invitations would be targeting a needle in a haystack. What do you do for the homepage of a business selling 15 different types of invitations? Target the 2 or 3 keywords that will bring the most business year round and just mention the rest? Also should links to every entry page type of invitation be on every page of the website?

Thank you

Dear Diane

There are lots of different approaches to this problem but here’s what I’d do:

1) Use the home page to target the generic search terms relating to invitations e.g. “online invitations”, “order invitations”, “home made invitations”, “personalized invitations” etc.

2) Ensure that my site had a page dedicated to every type of invitation that I sell and optimize each page for search terms relating specifically to that invitation e.g. “photo invitations”, “birthday invitations” etc.

3) Crosslink the various invitation pages to each other using related anchor text. For example, on your birthday invitations page, you could mention that you also create wedding invitations and link to your wedding invitation page making sure that the phrase “wedding invitations” is used as the anchor text in the link.

You don’t need to (and you shouldn’t) link to every other invitation page from each page. But you should create a sitemap page that has links to all pages on your site and link to your sitemap page on every page.

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