Q and A: How many links is too many in the eyes of Google?

QuestionDear Kalena…

We are willing to give backlinks from our website to a website of one of the universities, but we are worried to be considered as spammers or selling links by Google as we will be giving them the links in all pages. How many links per week can be reasonable to be given to this website? Are we making a risk by giving them a large number of links even if it was on intervals?


Dear Mais

If you are giving them links that pass PageRank (e.g. not using NoFollow), then I would keep the number of links to a minimum. If money has exchanged hands for the link, you’re better off putting NoFollow tags on the links, particularly if there is no direct correlation between the content on your site and the content on the university site.

I recommend you read this post and this one for clarification.

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