Q and A: Should my SEO company submit my site to search engines regularly?

Dear KalenaQuestion

I am currently using an SEO company and they are doing submissions for me every other month. They asked me if I wanted to do it every month, Will this be worth it to do it every month?

Thank you for your time


Dear Darrell

I think your SEO company is ripping you off. Despite the hype, there is NEVER a need to resubmit to a search engine or directory unless your site is dropped entirely (which is a very rare occurrence). In fact, provided you have a link pointing to your site from a site already in the search engine’s index, you don’t need to submit your site to search engines in the first place. Search bots will find your site automatically as they sweep their database of indexed sites looking for new links to follow and new content to index.

Perhaps your SEO firm is talking about gaining new backward links for your site by submitting it to new niche directories and related sites each month? Ask to see the list of sites they are submitting your URL to each month. If the same engines are on the list month after month, they obviously have no clue about SEO and I’d ditch them quick smart.

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