Q and A: How do I cancel a domain transfer with Domain Registry of America?

QuestionHi Kalena,

Hi! I just read some of your blog posts about Domain Registry Of America! For those of us who have already sent in our check and whose check has been received by DROA, what’s the best way to get out?

Everywhere I’ve seen on the internet assumes you haven’t already done so. Turns out I looked up DROA’s reputation too late. I only looked it up because I received another email from namejuice.com, telling me that they have received a request from droa to transfer my domain name to them. I haven’t confirmed or accepted the transfer, which I’m not sure is a good thing.

Will they take my domain name away if I don’t accept this transfer? Help! I want to avoid any further interaction with droa other than getting my money back or at least keeping my domain name. Then it’s to hell with them!

Thank you.


Hi Raymond

I’m so sorry to hear of your experience with DROA. Unfortunately, I don’t know what the best thing is to do in your situation. If you haven’t yet given NameJuice permission to transfer your domain and you don’t want DROA’s registration service, perhaps you can:

1) Cancel your check
2) Tell namejuice that you made a mistake and you no longer wish to transfer to DROA
3) Tell DROA that you wish to cancel your order

I don’t know what DROA’s current stance is on order cancellations. If you signed their contract and they refuse to cancel your order, you might need to contact a lawyer to sort it out.

Good luck!

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