Welcome to another Guest Blogger - Andy Henderson

Well I can’t believe my luck, but I’ve already found two Guest Bloggers to join the team here at Ask Kalena and help me out with an enormous backlog of search engine Q and A’s.

Yesterday we welcomed Peter Newsome and today we’re joined by Andy Henderson (pictured with me in Sydney earlier this year) as the newest addition to the Ask Kalena team.

Andy has over twenty years experience in the I.T. industry including a stint at global web design agency ZIVO, where I used to work (although not in the same office). Andy currently manages all SEO and SEM activities for ireckon.com in Brisbane, Australia.

Unlike Pete, I’m not sure if Andy can dance - we did our best to get him up on the dance floor during SMX Sydney, but he wasn’t having any of it!

Congratulations Andy, it’s great to have you on deck.

[To kick off Andy’s new blogging gig, why not send him a search engine question via the big red button above?]

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