Search Marketing Burnout and How to Avoid it

Just a quickie for you today as it’s the Easter long weekend and I’m trying to stay away from the laptop.stress leads to burnout

Actually, that’s the subject of today’s post. For many of us working in the search marketing industry, burnout is a serious issue. Spending time away from our computers is difficult when we are so busy, but for the sake of our physical and mental health, it’s absolutely vital.

Christine Churchill’s timely post Ten Strategies for Avoiding Search Marketing Burnout reminds us to take a deep breath now and again, give ourselves permission to take downtime, get some exercise and schedule time for family and real life away from the computer. These steps help us avoid stress and the dreaded burnout.

Having suffered the physical symptoms of severe burnout last year, I am all too aware now of the warning signs. I encourage you all to heed Christine’s advice and don’t let burnout sneak up on you.

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