Off to Webstock 2008

Webstock logoBlogging will be sporadic for the rest of the week because I’m flying up to Wellington tomorrow for Webstock 2008 - New Zealand’s premier web conference. This will be my first Webstock and I’m absolutely thrilled to be going as I’ve heard great things from previous participants and the program rocks! I’m hoping to do some live blogging of the sessions both here and on the SiteProNews blog, but it all depends how dependable the WiFi connections are in the sessions and my hotel room.

A highlight of the Conference for me will be to finally meet Jill Whalen in person, after nearly 8 years of communicating online! Jill is giving a workshop and a conference session but we hope to hang out and maybe catch a meal together at some stage. Another highlight will be Kathy Sierra’s presentation which will close the conference, as well as some of the fun sessions the Webstock crew have got planned, such as Powerpoint Karaoke Idol and the 8 x 5 session.

If you’re coming along to the event, make sure you say hi!

Spread the joy!