Heading off to SMX Sydney

Hey groovers!

Just a heads up that I’m flying out to Oztralia in the morning at some shocking hour - 6am or something - for a fun-filled 5 days in Sydney. which means I won’t be posting here for a couple of days as I’ll be too busy partying working.

I’m heading off to SMX Sydney to (wo)man our Search Engine College booth, give a presentation and meet some fellow geeks and industry rockstars like Danny Sullivan, Jane Copland, Rand Fishkin and Marissa Mayer. I might even catch up with some old friends and family while there. Old as in historically linked, not old as in ancient!

When we’re not (wo)manning the booth and dishing out rather boring schwag (sorry about that - but you try coming up with a witty t-shirt design at 2am), my trusty sidekick Sarah and I will be taking copious notes in the hopes of blogging some of the more exciting sessions next week.

If you’re heading to SMX Sydney, make sure you stop by our booth and say hi. Later!

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