An Impressive Search Marketing Resume in 5 Steps

Job SearchSo you’ve created your search marketing resume. It’s impressive, but you don’t seem to be landing interviews with it. What to do? Never fear, the team at recruitment site Onward Search have shared the secrets to a great SEM resume. They receive lots every day so they know what makes one resume stand out from the rest.

In his blog post 5 Keys to Improving Your Search Marketing Resume, Reilly O’Donnell of Onward Search lists 5 steps you can take to improve your resume and increase your chances of landing that interview:

  1. Organize - organize your resume into logical sections.
  2. Bullet Points - use bullet points to break up the document and make it easier to scan.
  3. Quantify - list specific, measurable results that you’ve achieved.
  4. Tweak - research the firm and align your resume language with the company’s own terminology.
  5. Be Professional - check your resume for typos, grammatical and spelling errors and formatting consistency.

Great advice!

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