Google’s Chrome OS Should “Just Work”

Google’s planned operating system for Chrome should “just work”. That’s the claim by Sundar Pichai, Google’s Vice President of Product Management in the official blog post announcing the OS today.

Having suffered the Windows Blue Screen of Death many times, the idea of a fail free OS is seductive, but ultimately unrealistic. Given this is Google’s first foray into the OS territory, it’s bound to be a bumpy ride and I’m guessing there will be numerous buggy releases for developers to bitch about before a truly useful version is sprung on the public. Chrome Screen of Death anyone?

This hasn’t stopped the predictable comparisons being made with Windows Vista and the naive speculation that Google’s Chrome OS could be a Windows Killer. Ha! If only it were as simple as building an operating system that just works. If it was as easy as that, Linux would have killed Windows years ago.

What’s more interesting than whether it will just work is the response to the news on social networks. Within a couple of hours of Google’s announcement, *Google Chrome OS* was the #1 trending topic on Twitter. People came up with numerous amusing hashtags about the OS, including #WillitKillWindows and my personal fav #allyourpcsbelongtous.

The Google Chrome Operating System will be available to web developers later this year and potentially available to consumers in the second half of 2010.

You can read more about the so called Just Work OS on my blog at SiteProNews: Google Announces their own Operating System and in Danny Sullivan’s post The Google Operating System is Real.

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