Search Engine College students now get their own Certification Status page

We’ve been busy bees at Search Engine College this week. First up, we’ve created new Certification Seals for graduating students to place on their web sites as proof they have completed a Certification course with us.

The new seals replace our existing ribbon-style seals and contain the student id number embedded within them to aid verification of a student’s Certification status by potential employers or clients. You can see an example on our Certification page.

Inspired by the Google AdWords Professional program (GAP) and the verification page provided for every GAP, we have also created a dedicated Certification Status page for every graduate of Search Engine College. The status page lists a student’s id number, the course/s they have successfully completed and any resulting Certification. It also displays a copy of their Certification Seal for verification purposes. Example here.

Any graduate wishing to replace their old Certification Seal with the new version and obtain their Status Page URL should contact me.

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