Q and A: Do I need to create an RSS feed from scratch?

QuestionHi Kalena

This is Tan from Malaysia, I refer to your article How To Get Your Web Site Content Syndicated and have some questions that need your guidance.

Re the following two paras that were extracted there from, I have written my questions below where I am in doubt:

1. Create a javascript version of the RSS feed to enable other webmasters to syndicate your content on their sites the Wytheville Community College News Center provides this service for free.
(I think the link is not working anymore, could you please provide another link for this?)

2. To keep your feed fresh, try to keep your channel items to a maximum of five, deleting older items from your feed as you update it. The dates next to your news items will adjust depending on when content aggregators pick them up. (If we were to delete the old items, how and where else could we make it available for others to see the old items via the RSS Feed?)

Thanks and please guide me

Best wishes,

Dear Tan

That article was written many years ago and is now out of date. Instant RSS Feeds are now freely available via blog software and it’s much easier to install this than manually creating a feed from scratch as outlined in the article. Simply use a service such as WordPress or Blogger. They have lots of tutorials to help get you started.

You might also find these Blogging and RSS articles useful. Good luck!

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