Lost in Translation

I’m signed up to receive Google Alerts whenever a new web page gets indexed by Google that contains a reference to Search Engine College.

It’s a great service and I often find spam blogs and sites that have scraped entire pages from our site so I can report them quite easily. But today I came across quite an amusing blog post that has obviously been translated into English by either very poor quality translation software (maybe Babel Fish?) or by someone whose grasp of English is pretty rudimentary.

Check out the highlights:

For those people who are not that computing machine literate person and are not up on the up-to-the-minute computing machine jargon, where are they going to travel to acquire their necessary cognition about SEO? One illustration is through Search Engine College. Their chief end is to offer easy, merriment and low-cost courses of study in not only hunt engine optimisation but in other hunt engine selling topics as well.

Does this mean we have to replace SEO (search engine optimization) with HEO (hunt engine optimization)? *chuckle*

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