Fast Five in Search - Week 10, 2013

fast-fiveHi folks, once again this week’s Fast Five includes a couple of gems worthy of bookmarking for later. Enjoy!

1) 3 Ways to Make Your SERP Listing Stand Out by Sujan Patel                                    Ever wondered why some sites get their internal pages listed in SERPs, or a picture of the site owner with a byline? Sujan explores three effective ways to influence what Google displays when your site listing appears within search results.

2) SEO Friendly WordPress in 12 Steps by Matt Morgan                                   WordPressers will love this one, it’s definitely bookmark worthy. Matt provides great insight into how ‘out-of-the-box’ WordPress themes can be adjusted for SEO, including useful PlugIns and Widgets. From adjusting Permalinks, to Optimizing your Robots.txt file, this is a comprehensive guide to WordPress SEO.

3) SEO Without Borders: A Guide to International SEO by Nick Paterman                     Have you ever wanted to know the specifics on how to market your site internationally through multiple country-specific search engines? From basic SEO best practices to more technical situations, Nick covers every step of the process.

4) Case Study: How Keyword Research Works in the Wild by Beth Hayden                   This well-written post tells the story of a business owner called Sarah who embarks on a keyword research mission to promote her small business. Step-by-step we can learn via Sarah’s process, including links to keyword research tools, how they can be applied and to what effect.

And finally for a bit of fun, ever wondered how to explain exactly how Google works? This is a great post to refer clients to…

5) Google Releases Interactive Infographic “How Search Works” by Danny Sullivan       The process of GoogleBots crawling pages has always been shrouded in mystery - along with their mechanism for returning matches in response to a search query, or identifying spam. Danny discusses Google’s response to these mysteries via the release, last week, of their new scroll-down interactive infographic on “How Search Works”.

Happy reading!

*Image courtesy of Threadless

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