How Social Media is Killing CNN

While logged into Twitter and inundated with up-to-the-second news of the Mumbai terrorist attack, I was reminded how powerful social media can be.

It made me wonder if social media is impacting traditional news journalism circulated by agencies like CNN and BBC and prompted me to write an article for SiteProNews about the subject. Here’s an extract:

“More and more people are ditching their newspaper subscription, switching off the TV and turning to the Internet for their daily news fix. And why wouldn’t they? It’s faster, cheaper and interactive. They can subscribe to the feeds of digital journalists and bloggers they like, they can search news by region, category or timeline and thanks to social networking, can be informed the very instant news happens in the world. So could the advent of social media signal the end of traditional news journalism? Yes, I think it could.”

I was thrilled to see SiteProNews run my piece as their lead story today. If you’re not a subscriber to SPN, here’s the link: How Social Media is Killing CNN.

So what’s your take on the impact of social media. Do you agree with me? Discuss via comments

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