SEM training and education on the increase

Have you noticed that Search Engine Marketing education seems to be the flavor of the month right now? Look at all the education-related events that have happened in the past month:Graduate

  • Matt Spiegel of Search Engine Watch talked about the biggest crisis in SEM: the lack of qualified search marketers and the need for further education and internships to address this crisis.
  • We heard about the launch of Market Motive, a new, subscription-based training website founded by Michael Stebbins and John Marshall, both formerly from ClickTracks and Avinash Kaushik, a web analytics guru.
  • Search Marketing Now announced a SEM Basics training webinar to be held this month.
  • Search Engine Strategies announced SEM training classes will follow their Chicago conference this month.
  • SEOmoz held a SEM training seminar at the University of Washington. (Ok this occurred in October, but it was still recent enough to warrant inclusion).
  • The eMarketing TalkShow held a webcast about the unlimited career opportunities available to persons with SEM training and experience.
  • Search Engine Watch decided to launch a regular column called dedicated to SEM training and education.
  • Microsoft announce their training and accreditation program for Microsoft adCenter called adExcellence.

It’s great to see the industry better addressing the two problems that have plagued it for years: the lack of trained professionals and the lack of educational options for webmasters wanting to learn SEO/SEM.

Of course my Search Engine College colleagues and I recognized this in 2004 with the launch of our courses, but I digress!

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