Search Industry Job of the Week – Web Search Evaluators

Job Title: Web Search Evaluators
Job Reference #: Unknown
Position Type: Freelance Contract
Name of employer: Appen Butler Hill
Location: Global (one in most countries)
Date Posted: 20 October 2012
Position description:

Be part of a global team to evaluate and improve search engine results for some of the world’s top internet search engine companies!  Appen Butler Hill offer a competitive pay rate and flexible work schedule while working online remotely.

Who They Are

Appen Butler Hill is a language technology solutions and consulting firm, recognized as a global leader in the quality, range and caliber of its expertise. They are focused on helping their clients reach international markets by leveraging their expertise in over 50 languages and dialects.  Their clients are amongst the world’s top internet search engine companies and they are currently seeking internet-savvy freelance Web Search Evaluators.


Web Search Evaluators work on interesting projects that are geared to improve search engine results for their country. The work generally includes reviewing and evaluating internet search results based on specific search terms and providing a rating. The evaluation work is typically done using online automated tools.

Web Search Evaluators work 4 hours per day (Monday-Friday) and have the flexibility to choose the hours they wish to work each day. This project requires a commitment to work 20-22 hours per week. Project work is expected to extend through August 17th, 2013, with a possible further extension.

To qualify to be accepted onto the project, Web Search Evaluators must first complete a rigorous qualification process that requires successfully completing a review of qualification materials and a series of exams. The qualification process may involve up to 25-35 hours of commitment over 1-3 week period.

Web Search Evaluators accepted onto a project will need to consistently meet service levels measuring the accuracy of their work in order to remain on the project.


  • Personal PC or laptop that runs Windows Vista or Windows 7 (please note, netbook devices, Windows XP and Apple O/S, including Apple O/S running on virtual environments, are not compatible with project), and a minimum screen resolution of 1280 X 768; desired resolution is 1280 X 1024
  • A high-speed internet connection (preferably unlimited usage; if limited, download cap must not be less than 100 GB per month)
  • Basic aptitude for solving technical/software issues independently
  • Detail-oriented and organized with strong time-management skills and the ability to manage a 20-22 hours per week self- directed work schedule
  • In order to apply cultural awareness to the work, you must be a current resident of the country for which you are applying to do this work, and have lived in this country for at least 10 years
  • Native or near native speaker of the language of the country for which you are applying to do this work
  • Proficient in written and verbal English
  • Strong communication skills
  • Familiar with current cultural, political, business and media affairs, in addition to extensive familiarity with a wide variety of online news sources published in your country
  • Avid internet enthusiast with excellent web research and analytical capabilities

Salary range: Unknown
Closing date: Unknown
More info about company from:
Contact: Send resumes to: recruitment[at]

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