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Job Title: SEO Manager – The Solid Cactus SEO Team
Job Reference: Unknown
Position Type: FLSA Exempt
Name of employer:
Location: Jacksonville FL
Date Posted: 1 March 2013
Position description:

The Solid Cactus SEO Team utilizes SEO best practices to develop a custom SEO strategy for the client, fully implement the SEO strategy, and work to assist the client in understanding the results of the SEO campaign. The SEO Manager will be the main point of contact for a portfolio of SEO accounts, communicating regularly with the client and showcasing their SEO expertise to the client.

The manager will utilize their SEO talent and expertise to craft creative deliverables based on the client’s SEO strategy and intended audience, and is responsible for ensuring all monthly client deliverables are met in an interesting matter in tune with SEO best practices. The SEO Manager is fully responsible for the creative direction of the SEO campaign, having a direct impact on revenue generated from the client.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The Solid Cactus SEO manager will fully manage every aspect of the client’s SEO campaign. Upon receiving the signed contract, the SEO Manager will contact the client, set up an introductory phone call, and discuss the client’s business and SEO goals and objectives. After mutually agreeing on an SEO campaign direction, the SEO Manager will develop a comprehensive SEO strategy for the duration of the client’s campaign, and revise the strategy where necessary.
  • The SEO Manager will then research appropriate keyword phrases to focus on during the client’s campaign, based upon the SEO Manager’s analysis of the client’s industry, competitors, keyword research tools, and areas of SEO opportunity, and present both the keyword research and SEO strategy to the client for review. The project will commence once all parties are in mutual agreement.
  • The SEO Manager will be responsible for completing monthly deliverables, as outlined in the client’s contract, potentially requiring the SEO Manager to complete the following for the client:
  • Writing creative SEO copy intended to attract the attention of search engines, propelling them to rank the client’s website higher, as well as interesting and useful for the client’s demographic and intended audience. The SEO Manager must be able to vary their writing style to meet the tone of the intended audience, as well as appropriately research the subject matter involved. The SEO Manager will upload the copy and meta tags to the client’s website.
  • Analyzing the client’s industry and formulating a link building strategy that can result in maximum success for the client. The SEO Manager will then execute this strategy on behalf of the client and is responsible for all required follow-through.
  • Writing and uploading interesting, SEO-friendly blog posts for the client’s blog that can serve as possible “link bait” to encourage more websites to link to the client’s website. The SEO Manager will brainstorm and use their imagination to write on interesting topics, and appropriately research the subject matter.
  • After developing a strategy for the client’s social media campaign, the SEO Manager will build all needed social media campaigns to reflect the client’s brand personality. The manager will then post and interact with other social media users on the client’s behalf.
  • Researching an appropriate press release topic, consulting with the client on the topic, and writing the press release to be both interesting and SEO-friendly. The SEO Manager will then syndicate the press release and report on the press release statistics with the client.
  • Compile the client’s end of month report and send this report to the client. The SEO Manager will include a synopsis of the month’s progress, and based on the campaign’s performance, areas of opportunity, and their expertise, will utilize their decision-making abilities and create a strategy for the upcoming month.
  • Providing unlimited SEO consulting to the client. The SEO Manager will utilize their SEO industry expertise to provide the client with SEO best practices and advise the client on any SEO questions s/he has. The SEO Manager is required to read SEO and social media blogs and attend SEO and social media webinars to stay up-to-date on industry best practices and trends.
  • The SEO Manager is responsible for initiating regular contact with the client, at least weekly, and ensuring the client understands the progress and success of their SEO campaign. Solid Cactus SEO delivers the frame work and crafts the appropriate work within that SEO framework, allowing the SEO Manager to have complete creative control over the account, and is responsible for decision-making and implementation of the client’s SEO strategy. As a result, the SEO Manager’s expertise, strategy creation, originality and talent have a direct impact on the success of the account, and thus the revenue the account brings in to the SEO department.

Special Requirements (if any):

  • The SEO Manager should have strong communication skills, including grammar and spelling, in order to skillfully write creative SEO copy, blog posts, press releases, and craft link building outreach pitches.
  • Effective decision-making skills are also a must, as the SEO Manager must be able to use their expertise and creativity to determine the direction of the account.
  • The manager should also exhibit superior customer skills in order to develop a relationship with the client, understand the client’s needs, craft SEO deliverables based on those needs, and help the client understand the results of their SEO campaign.
  • Strong analytics skills are also needed, as the SEO Manager must analyze the client’s industry and determine appropriate keyword phrases to target, understand web analytics programs that highlight the client’s SEO success, and make strategy decisions based on those results.

Salary range: Unknown
Closing date: Unknown
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