WANTED: Your Top WordPress SEO Tips

Greetings all

After spending the last few weeks providing SEO coaching to small businesses here in New Zealand, I realized that many of them are relying more and more on WordPress-based web sites for their business.

Now I don’t have a problem with this at all – I’m a huge fan of WordPress and so are search engines. It’s really easy to use the blogging platform to build a decent looking, search engine friendly web site. But where people are coming unstuck is in how to optimize their WordPress site when they were previously used to dealing with raw HTML code.

I have started a little checklist for WordPress users, just to remind them of the key SEO tweaks they can make to their blog pages and posts to ensure they are as visible in search engines as possible. I hope to publish the checklist here and also make it available to Search Engine College students as a downloadable PDF.

Here’s where you guys come in. I know many of you use WP on a daily basis and are also busy optimizing your sites for Google and other search engines. I would LOVE for you to share your best tip on how to optimize WP sites so I can add it to the checklist.

Unless you wish to remain anonymous, all tips used will be acknowledged via name and link in the finished document.

Got your tip ready? Please add it in the comments on this post. Thanks so much!

Yes, I’m Alive

Yes, I’m alive, but judging by this blog, you’d hardly know it would you?

Sorry about that. Life has gotten in the way lately, as has setting up a brand new office and losing broadband for 3 days straight.

I do have a series of articles lined up to post here, as well as some post SMX Sydney Conference observations to make and a newsletter to publish.

Thanks for your patience and normal blog broadcasting will resume shortly.

SMX Sydney 2010 in Pics

invisible-friends-smlSorry for the blog silence lately, but I’m still recovering from the  SMX Sydney Conference last week and also spent the better part of a week in Melbourne having some down time.

The conference had a completely different feel this year. With registrations topping 1,000 for Day 1, a new venue in the Sydney Hilton and some seriously impressive speakers, it was almost as if the industry had grown up.

When I had a client ask me a few days later what my biggest take away from the Cofnerence was, I was surprised to find myself answering “Facebook is the most powerful business tool on the web”. What? A social media epiphany at a search conference? I guess that means that social media is no longer a value-add, but a key component of any search marketing campaign. The number of sessions dedicated to social media this year underscored this.

I’ll write a longer post about the Conference soon, but if you don’t mind poor grammar and typos, you can view my live blog posts of some of the main SMX sessions.

If you’re more interested in a visual snapshot of the conference, check out:

If you can’t be bothered waiting for my conference recap, Matt Burgess (@therealburgo) has done a fine job with his already.