Search Industry Job of the Week – Online Marketer @SEOmoz

Job Title: Online Marketer
Job Reference #: Unknown
Position Type: full time
Name of employer: SEOmoz
Location: Seattle, WA, United States
Date Posted: 2 May 2011
Position description:

SEOmoz is a profitable start-up that develops market-leading software and technology used by Internet marketers and webmasters to improve their rankings in search engines. They are looking to hire an online marketer to join their team.

Reports to the Director of Acquisition and Engagement.  Final job title for position dependent on experience.


Assist in everyday management tasks for a variety of online marketing channels, which include things like;

Affiliate Marketing:  

Growing the affiliate marketing program by working with current affiliates to better qualify traffic, recruit talented affiliates to join their program, and handle daily management as well as monthly invoicing.

Paid Search:

 Analyze PPC campaign performance and optimize campaigns as necessary to ensure positive ROI and conversion improvements. Work closely with Director of Acquisition on strategies to implement that help capture more qualified traffic across both Google and the Search Alliance.


Increase SEOmoz brand awareness through the growth of site sponsorships and display buys on a variety of web properties.

Everything else:

SEOmoz is the type of company that is always ready to tackle new and exciting opportunities. As new channels pop-up, they will be looking to you to research them and help the team better understand if this would be a smart venture for their resources and  budget.

Analyze site data with exhausting diligence, and uncover important discoveries to help guide SEOmoz’s digital marketing strategy.

Manage weekly and monthly reporting, isolate issues, research discrepancies, and help build a company-wide culture based on numbers and performance.

Assist in the implementation and ongoing management of the company’s conversion optimization efforts. They are looking for someone with a test, measure, and refine approach to help them constantly improve each program’s results.

Develop, manage, and grow a competitive analysis program which will help SEOmoz have a better idea of where the industry is moving, and how it relates or doesn’t relate to the company.


At least 3 years experience in online marketing preferably in the high tech, digital media or software industries.

Must be a data lover! They are looking for an analytic junkie — and would prefer that you love excel, fancy formulas, and pretty charts.

Experience or knowledge with search engine optimization and the search marketing industry strongly preferred—alternatively a willingness and competence to learn about organic marketing, online marketing and search engine optimization.

Transparent, Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic, and Exceptional (TAGFEE). Cultural fit and values are of utmost importance at SEOmoz. Their values are outlined in the TAGFEE Tenets, required reading for everyone interested in being part of the SEOmoz team (see

True belief in the mission. SEOmoz want people who are passionate about their mission – to simplify the promotion of ideas on the web. They believe that web marketing and web promotion are too difficult, arcane, obscure and, in many cases, mired in negative stereotypes. It’s their goal to transform not just the process and the software, but the very mentality the business world has about SEO and broader web marketing to something positive, exciting and filled-with-opportunity.

Ability to work effectively while growing a variety of performance marketing channels simultaneously. If you love to bounce between a number of projects in one week (sometimes in the same hour) this job is for you.

Excellent problem solver, creative thinker, and extremely self-motivated.

Able to herd cats, dogs, and the occasional circus animal.

Loves robots, or more specifically, our beloved Roger mozBot (

U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status required.

A bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, or business, or relevant work experience.


They’re offering a competitive salary for this position (based on experience), in order to attract the best candidates and an excellent benefits page.

Closing date: Unknown

More info from: SEOmoz Blog

Contact: Send resumes via online form to: SEOmoz Careers

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