Google’s Liquid Lunar Doodle

Scientists and space enthusiasts the world over were entralled on Friday when NASA announced that they had discovered water on the moon following their deliberate rocket blasts into the surface last month.

We’re not talking just puddles here. According to NASA, about 25 gallons of water in the form of vapor and ice were discovered, giving legitmacy to the idea that man could one day establish a lunar colony. Until this week, such theories of lunar living have been considered far-fetched.

The possibilities opened up by the discovery have captured the imagination of Google staff too. To pay special significance to the event, displayed a new Google Doodle (logo pictured) on Friday 13 celebrating the discovery. Clicking on the logo brought up search and news results featuring NASA’s announcement.

It’s not the first time Google’s gotten excited about the moon. In 2007 they announced a competition to the tune of USD 20 million for the first team to design a private robot that could land on the moon, roam for at least 500 metres and beam images back to earth. The competition is called the Google Lunar X Prize and runs until 2014.

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