SMX Sydney 2010: Use Transcient PPC Campaigns to Support Branding Efforts

Now Marty Weintrub is talking about transcient PPC campaigns.Marty Weintrub of AimClear

Marty starts by saying that Sydney is blowing his mind, especially coming from Duluth, Minessota.

Real World Transient PPC Mash Up Scenarios

He says transcient PPC campaigns are like “Whack a mole” game.  Working for a large corporate is Cluster _uck. So many depts to go through

– partitioned strategy and channel tactics

– SEO cppc PR, ORM, social

– Easy to ruffle feathers

What is a transicent PR Incident?

– positive and negative short-lived incidents

Key is to Minimize Damage and Maximize Benefits, says Marty.

Wow, have realized I have no hope of keeping up with live blogging now at the rate Marty is moving through the slides. Will abandon live blogging this and update this post with the benefit of Marty’s slide deck later.

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