SMX Sydney Recap Coming Soon

I know, I know. There haven’t been any blog posts about SMX from me yet. The problem with attending events like this is that between scrambling to the sessions, networking during the breaks and socializing at all the parties, you barely have time to take meals, let alone compose a witty readable post on the subject.

I’ve started a recap post for each day and I’ll have them live by Monday morning. I promise! I’ve also gathered a rather impressive collection of photos from the event, (good, bad and ugly) for publishing and bribing purposes. Link bait here we come!

In the meantime, you can catch a couple of live-blogging posts I did at SiteProNews and check out coverage from Neerav, Kate and the rest of Bruce Clay’s team here.

You can also catch a lot of the fun via the live Twitter search feeds with hashtags #SMX and #SMXsilly.

Catch you all on the other end of my trans-Tasman flight.

Spread the joy!