Search Engine College welcomes new tutor

I’m delighted to announce that Search Engine College has hired a new tutor this week.

Micky Stuivenberg is an international SEO and website copywriting professional who has worked and lived in Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and the US. Micky currently lives on the mid North Coast of Australia and she runs her own Content Writer business, working as a website copywriter and SEO content specialist to help clients in Australia and across the globe make their websites more successful.

Micky will initially be assisting me with tutoring and grading duties for SEO101 and SEO201. She’ll also be keeping an eye on our student discussion forums to answer any student questions and make sure you’re all behaving yourselves.

Micky is a graduate of Search Engine College, completing a  Certified Search Engine Optimizer Pathway in 2008, as well as certification in three additional subjects. You can read more about her on our tutors page.

Please give a warm welcome to Micky!

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