Search Engine College Graduate Profile: Bob Schaller

Bob Schaller graduated from Search Engine College five years ago and says his SEO Certification helped to open new doors for him professionally.

Bob has graciously offered to be our first Search Engine College ‘Graduate Profile’ featured here on Ask Kalena.

Q: Hi Bob!  What State/Country are you from?

A: California, USA

Q: What year did you enroll in Search Engine College?

A: 2007

Q: What was your employment situation at the time of enrolling at Search Engine College?

A: Ecommerce Manager, taking on the role of SEO.

Q: What made you decide to enroll in one of our courses?

A: I looked all over the internet for an online curriculum. Search Engine College was exactly what I was looking for – many courses, self paced, knowledgeable mentors/instructors.

Q: What course/s did you take?

A: Search Engine Optimization 101

Q: What did you like best about the course/s you took?

A: The material was relevant to my current position. I was able to apply concepts immediately.

Q: What should we change (if anything) about our courses to improve the user experience?

A: This was my first experience with online education. I think it was perfect for my needs.

Q: What have you been up to since graduating from Search Engine College?

A: I worked 5 more years at that company doing SEO, PPC, link building and marketing.

Q: Have you changed jobs or careers as a result of gaining SEC Certification?  

A: Currently I am at a media agency where my SEO experience got me the job. I would not have gotten this position without the certificate.

Q: Have our courses helped your employment situation? In what way?

A: As I mentioned, I used the knowledge right away. I was able to use the Search Engine College website for reference. I applied my knowledge to successfully implement SEO / SEM strategies. I changed jobs and stayed in the SEO / SEM arena.

Q: What sort of role are you in now and what do you love best about your job?

A: I am a full time SEO consultant for a media agency. I review and apply SEO to all the agency clients. I conceptualize and implement new strategies.

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to persons starting out in the search industry, what would it be?

Never stop learning – be it online education, or industry literature, or conventions, what have you. Always be in front of development and trends.

Thanks Bob! All the best with your new role and your continued career in SEO. If you are a recent or past graduate of Search Engine College and would like to be featured here, please read this blog post and get in touch.


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