Free SEO/SEM course for charity sites

As you may have heard if you follow me on Twitter, Search Engine College has now enrolled students in 45 countries.

We’re thrilled that so many people around the world have benefited from our courses, but we’re also aware that many small businesses and not-for-profit sites don’t even have a marketing budget, let alone a budget for training like ours.

So to make it easier, we’ve decided to offer 25 charities per year the opportunity to learn search marketing skills at no cost, to help them make the most of their limited marketing budgets.

We’d like to extend an invitation to any registered charities interested in taking online marketing training (regardless of global location) to get in touch. We’ll choose up to 25 charities at our discretion and send them a coupon for one of their staff to take a self-study course of their choice to the value of USD 295.

Courses are available in the following disciplines:

When contacting us, please use the phrase “charity training” in your email subject line or comments field and include your charity registration number if you have one. Please also include a sentence or two about what course would best benefit your charity and why.

To prevent fraudulent claims, we will be screening charities via sites such as and the Better Business Bureau (or the equivalent outside the U.S.) to ensure they are legitimate. We’ll be announcing the beneficiaries one by one as we distribute the coupons.

If you know of a worthy charity or not-for-profit that might benefit from our courses, please direct them to this post, or tweet it to spread the word.


UPDATE: Because of the popularity of our pro-bono course initiative, we’ve had to add a couple of conditions to the offer. To qualify for the offer, your charity / NFP organization needs to:

1) Have a web site.

2) Have been incorporated at least 12 months ago.

3) Be listed on, the UK Charity Commission, the NZ Charities Commission or the equivalent in your country.

4) Not have any religious or political affiliations.

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

Spread the joy!