First Recipients of the Free SEM Training Initiative

As we posted earlier this week, Search Engine College has launched a free search engine marketing training initiative for charities and not-for-profit organizations worldwide.

We’re offering 25 charities per year the opportunity to learn search marketing skills at no cost, to help them make the most of their limited marketing budgets.

Thank you to everyone who tweeted and blogged about our offer, word has spread very quickly and we’ve been inundated with requests from all over the world!

As well as announcing the recipients as they are decided, we’re going to publish a small blurb about each recipient charity/NFP and a link to their web sites so you can learn a little more about them, spread the word about their charitable work or maybe even get involved yourself.

Our first recipients of pro-bono search marketing courses are:

1) Sandblast and the Free Western Sahara Network – Sandblast works in support of the forgotten Saharawi refugees.  The UK charity evolved out of a 14-year relationship and involvement with the Saharawi refugees in South West Algeria.

2) Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations’ Council (EVOC) – is a local organisation, which helps to support, develop and promote the interests and work of voluntary and community organisations in Edinburgh, Scotland.

3) Science Alive – a non profit organisation in Christchurch, New Zealand, focusing on science and technology education.

That’s 3 down and 22 to go – congratulations to you all!

If you know of a worthy charity or not-for-profit that might benefit from our courses, please direct them to this post, or tweet it to spread the word.

Spread the joy!