Copywriting for PPC course now available at Search Engine College

Just a quick heads up that we have recently added another course to our curriculum at Search Engine College.

After years of running PPC campaigns, I’ve come to realize that writing copy for PPC ads requires a completely different mindset to writing copy for web pages or writing articles. The same rules simply don’t apply. Not only do you have to try to hook your audience, but you have an extremely limited number of characters to do it in.

Copywriting for Pay Per Click is a new course designed to help you craft PPC ads that speak to your individual markets like you do. In simple, direct, everyday language that explains why they need your product/service without the hype or the shouting. It will remove any writer’s block or marketing bias you might have when it comes to promoting your service and help you embrace the limited advertising format that you’re faced with when drafting PPC ads.

Here’s a sample excerpt from Chapter 1:

“It’s usually very important to include a keyphrase in the headline of these ads.  The keyphrase helps the site visitor instantly know that your ad has what s/he’s looking for.  I don’t believe it’s nearly as important to use a keyphrase in the description/body copy of PPC ads.

Depending on the length of the keyphrase, it can hog all the available space that should be used for differentiating yourself, explaining a special or limited-time offer or otherwise enticing the searcher to click your ad as opposed to the dozens of others they’ll see.”

Written and tutored by copywriting whizz Karon Thackston, Copywriting for PPC is an ideal companion to our PPC 101 and PPC 201 courses or as a stand-alone course if you’re already running PPC campaigns and want to achieve higher conversion rates.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll now and join our first round of graduates.

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