Congratulations to our Newest SEO 101 Graduates

On behalf of Search Engine College, I would like to offer congratulations to our latest round of online certificate graduates for 2013. We’ve had so many lately, that we’re having to split our announcements over several blog posts!

Students named below have successfully completed our Search Engine Starter course at Search Engine College and attained official certification status (requiring a passing grade of 70 percent or higher).

Search Engine Optimization 101

  • Cecile van Aswegen
  • Sok Khann
  • Jerry Sjöberg
  • Keith Harris
  • Alicia Beard
  • Judith Perry
  • Gail Morrison
  • Beth Varela
  • Amy Heslop
  • Meghan Jump
  • Rosie Bacon
  • Christine Totten
  • Mary Milner
  • John Cummings
  • Jennifer Sacks
  • Nirav Patel
  • Hassan Wifak
  • Svitlana Byts
  • Bonnie Dalager
  • Saul Godoy
  • Alena Budnikova
  • James Kerce
  • Rawan Bashiti
  • Natallia Pranevich
  • Kassy Eichele
  • Rachel Ruple
  • Robert Stevens
  • Katherine Beckett
  • Allan Brown
  • Brett Wohlgemuth
  • Cheryl Hardy
  • Anna Johnson
  • Oscar Nygren
  • Israel Torres
  • Andrea Taylor
  • Joy Nandy
  • Brendan Holmes
  • Linda Ng
  • Molly Frederick
  • Taylor Krentz
  • Cheukai Loretta Nhidza
  • Thomas O’Brien
  • Lori Smith
  • Greg Coates
  • Christina Bruns
  • Marek Straka
  • Jennifer Tomasino
  • Chris Walker

Well done and please contact your tutor if you are still waiting to receive your hard copy certificate, Status Page or certification seal.

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