and the tee design nominees are…

What will Search Engine Colleges 2009 t-shirt look like?

We’ve had a great response to our 2009 Search Engine College t-shirt design competition. You are all witty and clever people!

We had a hard time narrowing the entries down to 5, so we ended up choosing 8 worthy nominees for our readers to choose from.

Here are the finalists in random order:

* Not eligible to win prize pack

You can vote for the design you’d like to see win by taking the poll you see on the left side of this page. The design with the most number of votes will be used on our t-shirts and win the prize pack, UNLESS the winning design is one of those submitted by SEC staff, in which case the runner up will win the prize pack.

You’ve got until Feb 15 to cast your vote and you can only vote once (your votes are logged by cookie and IP so no cheating). The winner will be announced on Feb 16.

Get voting now!

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