Last Chance to Enroll at SEC for 2008 Pricing

In case you missed the announcement in this month’s newsletter, we are increasing course fees at Search Engine College at the end of this month.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about taking one of our Search Engine College courses but needed an extra incentive? Well now’s your chance. We’ve been holding back increasing our course fees and haven’t changed them for three years. But due to pressure from our distributors and maturation of the online education market, we’ve decided to increase our fees in two week’s time by an average of $100 per course.

So if you want to enroll at our current pricing, you’ve got two weeks to do it. That’s right, our new course pricing will take effect on 26 January 2009. So don’t leave it too long. Enroll today at 2008 pricing and save yourself some cash.

So come join us at Search Engine College. We believe learning is meant to be fun!

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