Q and A: What Tools should I use for an SEO Audit ?


Hi Kalena,

wanted to ask you a question regarding ‘website auditing. 1.Is it good to audit the website using the tools or its good to audit the website manually. Can you please suggest some good auditing tools.


Hi Tamali,

The best tools to use for an SEO Audit largely depend on the purpose of the Audit.

If you want a quick status update to see how an optimisation campaign is going, or the CEO has asked for SEO information on the corporate website (and doesn’t want the detail), than a single SEO tool that provides an overall score might be OK.

Usually however, when undertaking an SEO Audit, you will be looking for much more than an overall rating. The aufit process you use should highlight a range of issues, and identify a number of areas where optimisation can be applied. For a proper SEO Audit, I would recommend using a variety of different tools, and a number of manual processes as well – each focused on a particular aspect of the site and optimisation strategy.

As you are probably aware, there are many many SEO Tools available (try a Google search for “SEO Tool”). Like all things in life, some of these are better than others – depending on your specific needs.

When evaluating an SEO tool, I suggest that you try it out first against a site with which you are very familiar – and see how it goes – are the results what you would expect ? Are the recommendations reasonable ?. Also, try to dig into the detail to understand what a tool actually does and how it does it – Don’t blindly accept the data and recommendations made by any tool – or you could find yourself spending lots of time and effort “optimising” your site – with little real benefit.

SEOMOz has a range of very sexy SEO Tools (some are Free , others are only available to PRO Members).

You could also take a look on Search Marketing Standard at a recent series of articles on Conducting your own SEO Audit – by Rebecca Appleton. This series of 3 articles provides a good outline on the types of areas that you should be examining as a part of an SEO Audit.

Andy Henderson
Ireckon Web Marketing

Search Industry Job of the Week: Online Marketing Specialist

Job Title: Online Marketing Specialist
Job Reference #: 2464
Position Type: Permanent
Name of employer: The Body Shop
Location: Raleigh – North Carolina
Date Posted: 30 May 2009
Position description:

The Online Marketing Specialist will be a member of the E-Commerce Online Marketing team and will work on several aspects of The Body Shop’s online marketing programs in both the US and Canada. This individual will be primarily responsible for the daily management of the company’s affiliate program, Amazon store. on-site blog and social networking efforts. They will also be responsible for tactically supporting a variety of the E-Commerce group’s customer acquisition efforts. They will work with the E-Commerce management team to successfully drive marketing activity and measure results.

Primary Job Tasks/Responsibilities:


Manage all daily aspects of performance analysis and reporting for Affiliates, Amazon, on-site blog, social networking and new partnerships.
Responsible for budget management, accrual process, and spend allocation
Report performance on online media acquisition/retention efforts including spend, conversions, number of customers acquired and ROI.
Track and report on campaign results, data analysis, and hold weekly campaign status calls with partners. Develop key learnings to apply to upcoming campaigns.
Developing marketing strategies, time lines, and action plans specific to each channel.


Manage the extensive affiliate network working with LinkShare to drive improved performance. Work with Online Marketing Manager to develop strategy for refining program to focus on top affiliates.
Develop and execute campaigns targeting affiliates (trial offers, web site specials) to meet monthly sales goals.
Understand relationship between affiliate marketing and SEO, PPC activities
Stay up-to-date on current trends, developments in affiliate marketing and tactics of competitors.



Drive sales in our Amazon store.
Provide creative direction to designer on banners for events and promotions.
Upload and manage creative, new products and store design.
Manage Amazon customer metrics – reviews, refunds and overall customer satisfaction.
Manage/Launch new shopping portals as necessary.


Manage on-site blog and monitor online dialogues (blog posts and comments, user and professional reviews, forums, etc.).
Engage in dialogue with consumers in niche and popular social media communities.
Keep track of innovations in blogs, social networks, UGC outlets, social bookmarking sites, and other appropriate social media destinations relevant to the brand
Liaise with interactive agency on new event launches, blogger outreach, and campaigns to ensure flawless execution.

Other Responsibilities

Perform other related duties as assigned or requested.
Responsible for maintaining the ethical standards of The Body Shop including minimizing the environmental, health and safety risks in the workplace. Report potential risks, near misses and real accidents to relevant managers.


Thorough knowledge and understanding of key metrics and tracking for each assigned channel and ability to define and maintain critical reports.
Experience using Amazon to sell products within a business environment.
Experience with major social media outlets (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter), niche social media environments, popular message boards/forums, social bookmarking outlets (Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon), video portals (YouTube, MetaCafe, Vimeo), knowledge place sites (Mahalo, Yahoo! Answers, eHow), etc.
Outstanding verbal and written communication skills.
Exceptional attention to detail and ability to effectively multi-task in a deadline driven atmosphere.
Familiarity with e-commerce platforms, email marketing and standard online marketing tools, including Web analytics tools (Coremetrics experience a plus).
Motivated personality to “own” channel/segment and grow revenues.
Superior analytical skills and ability to drive results.
Great relationship –builder and adept at working with a team.
Creative free thinker who loves being social online.

Additional Technical Competencies

BA/BS in Marketing, Business, Advertising, Market Research or other related field.
3+ years in online marketing, direct marketing, brand marketing, product marketing, or marketing analysis.
2+ years in the Internet industry or at an interactive advertising agency.2+ years overseeing online performance analysis.
Successful candidate will be highly organized, have excellent analytical, quantitative and problem solving skills.
Proven ability to establish, foster, and maintain relationships with key partners.
Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment with strict adherence to deadlines and project schedules.
Excellent Microsoft Excel skills.
Undergraduate degree required.

Salary range: Unknown
Closing date: Unknown
More info from: [careers.peopleclick.com]
Contact: [careers.peopleclick.com]

For more search industry jobs, or to post a job vacancy visit Search Engine College Jobs Board.

Welcome to our latest Guest Blogger – Saurav Verma

Thank you to everyone who responded to my recent plea for Guest Bloggers to join the team here at Ask Kalena and help me with a ridiculous backlog of search engine Q and A’s.

I now have a full gaggle of bloggers (is there a collective term for bloggers yet? Until then, gaggle will have to do) and I’m no longer taking applications. Our latest recruit is Saurav Verma.

Saurav is based in New Delhi, India and works for online marketing company Kneoteric eSolutions where he is a senior online marketing consultant and technical adviser for the sales team.

Saurav’s background is in electronics engineering and he has an MBA degree from Cardiff University, UK. He writes monthly search marketing newsletters and blogs for Kneoteric and his work was recently published on SEOmoz.

Please join me in welcoming Saurav to the Ask Kalena blogging team.

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Q and A: Why should you prevent robots from indexing PPC landing pages?

QuestionHi Kalena

Quick question.

One of the lessons in your SEO201 course says that if you run PPC campaigns and use landing pages for these campaigns that are similar in layout and content, you should prevent search engines robots from indexing them. Please explain why?

In my thoughts, the more files the search engines index the more exposure you may get.



Hi Alex

PPC landing pages can often look nearly identical and the only difference between them is the target keywords used. Web pages that look too similar are sometimes filtered out of the search results as duplicate content. Too much duplicate content on a domain may impact it’s ability to rank highly, therefore I always recommend preventing robots from indexing landing pages, using your robots.txt file.

If you are using existing pages on your site as PPC landing pages and they aren’t too similar to each other, there is no need to block robots from indexing them. Make sense?