Search Industry Job of the Week: Search Marketing Manager

Job Title: Search Marketing Manager
Job Reference #: Unknown
Position Type: full time, permanent
Name of employer: TicketsNow
Location: Rolling Meadows, USA
Date Posted: 25 January 2008
Position description:

TicketsNow is a leading entertainment technology company that hosts and maintains the worlds largest, most trusted online marketplace for event tickets. TicketsNow features the most comprehensive online inventory of premium seating to sports, concert, and theater events worldwide.

Were passionate about creating memorable event experiences for all our customers and career building opportunities for our team.

At TicketsNow, we value results. We are looking for top talent with drive and insight, professional curiosity, innovation, creativity and the ability to execute efficiently.

We are currently seeking a Search Marketing Manager to lead the strategic development of the search marketing team and focus on optimizing the company’s paid search advertising and improving search engine optimization activities. This is an exceptional opportunity to build your career in online marketing in a progressive e-commerce organization. This position is located in the Chicago metropolitan area at our corporate headquarters in the Schaumburg area.

Key Responsibilities:

• Oversee search marketing team in the execution of all search marketing programs.
• Lead search marketing team in identifying the best forms and means for pay per click optimization, translating business goals into successful PPC strategies.
• Coach and mentor search marketing team demonstrating best SEM practices and facilitate the development and effectiveness of the team.
• Ultimate accountability for staff and account results.
• Responsible for the strategic planning and overall execution of search engine marketing to maximize search optimization and achieve growth.
• Overall management of the company’s paid search marketing activities and multiple search engines.
• Develop, test, and analyze key words, descriptions, bidding strategies and landing page URLs to maximize results, drive volume, and reach company targets.
• Manage tracking, reporting and analysis of marketing campaigns and programs to improve overall campaign performance.
• Influence conversion rates through messaging, promotion, and landing page optimization.
• Continually evaluate and improve the effectiveness of online campaigns.
• Ensure the timely adjustment of the search marketing strategy to meet changing market and competitive conditions.
• Establish and maintain project management processes.
• Work with cross functional departments to align with goals and objectives develop and track all details of search engine initiatives.
• Provide management reports and insight as needed.
• Maintain expertise in search engine optimization.

Requirements and Qualifications:

• Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Advertising, Business or other related field.
• 4+ years of marketing experience with a search, online or direct marketing focus.
• Track record of leadership, coaching and mentoring abilities.
• Proven experience in managing people.
• Proven quality of web site optimization recommendations, results & deliverables.
• Excellent analytical skills, including experience reviewing campaign performance results and making recommendations for future action.
• Extensive knowledge of search engines and paid search.
• Experience managing Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google AdWords and MSN Ad Center campaigns.
• Understanding of search engine ranking factors and algorithms.
• Knowledge of web analytics strongly preferred.
• Strong proficiency in Excel, ability to manipulate and analyze large amounts of data.
• Understanding of basic HTML and page optimization a plus.
• Ability to work with Account Managers and implement ongoing strategic projects.
• Must possess excellent communication and organizational skills with the ability to work within a growing company with increasing needs.
• Proven experience with online marketing metrics such as ROI, click-through rate, cost-per-click, conversion rate, average order size, customer acquisition cost, etc.

About TicketsNow:

TicketsNow is an equal opportunity employer that encourages and fosters diversity in the workplace. We offer an excellent compensation and benefits package and a career building experience in a fast paced organization and industry.

Please visit our website at for more information about us.

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and salary requirements to hr-searchmanager-mktg[at] or to the mailing address below. Applications that do not include salary requirements will not be considered. Please include “Search Marketing Manager” in the subject line of your email.

Salary range: Unknown
Closing date: 25 March 2008
More info about company from: []
Contact: Send resumes to hr-searchmanager-mktg[at]

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Q and A: How do I optimize a web site for its geographic location?

QuestionHi Kalena…

I would like to optimize a website for its geographic location. In order to do so, I think I should preface certain home-page keyphrases with the name of the city. I’m wondering if I should repeat this practice throughout the website for better effectiveness, or would this be unnecessary? I’m also wondering please, what is the purpose of the Distribution Meta tag. Please let me know.


Dear Peter

First up, you should be aware (or perhaps you already are) of Google’s new feature that allows webmasters to associate a web site with a region/country.

Regarding how best to optimize a web site for different geographic locations or languages, sub-domains seem to be the way to go, as recommended by Matt Cutts of Google.

But if you are only optimizing for a single city, you should treat that city as another keyword on your page. That is, don’t repeat it ad-nauseum, only where it makes sense to do so. I would recommend no more than 5 repetitions of a target keyword or phrase on a single page. If your whole site content is about the city then it should naturally rank well for city-related phrases anyway as people will be linking to your site using the city name.

Regarding the Distribution META tag, as far as I am aware it is not a valid META tag, is unsupported by any search engine and the myth that you should include one has simply hung around like a bad smell like the Dublin Core META Tags. Skip it – otherwise it will simply contribute to your code bloat.

Q and A: Will submitting my site to directories improve my PageRank?

QuestionHi Kalena…

I’ve a question: There are thousands of Internet Directories on the web, is still a good idea submit a link to my page in those directories to improve my Page Rank?


Dear Roberto

The whole idea behind Google PageRank is to rank sites based on a kind of voting system, with each link pointing to your site acting like a vote. However, some links pointing to your site can have a negative effect, particularly links from sites that are considered low quality, contain mainly duplicate content or don’t have a very high PageRank themselves.

So by all means, submit your site to directories and search engines, but just be picky about the sites you choose to link to you. Don’t try and obtain links from dodgy looking sites or from directories that list dodgy looking sites. Quality is more important to Google over quantity so if you’ve got 10 links from trusted sites they are more likely to help your site’s PageRank score than 100 links from lower quality sites. See my past post about linking to bad neighbourhoods for further clarification.

Q and A: Are tag clouds acceptable to use on business to business sites?

QuestionDear Kalena…

I would like to know your thoughts on tag clouds. We would like to add one to our careers web site but are being told that this is not an acceptable practice for business to business web sites and we will be black listed by search engines. Is it true that only blogs and internal social networking type sites are “allowed” to use these?


Dear Kerry

Whoever gave you that advice is talking bollocks. For starters, if you use tags or topics on your site, tag clouds are a useful navigation feature to help your site visitors find the topics they are interested in. Tag clouds don’t have to be limited to blogs.

The idea that you will be black-listed by search engines for using tag clouds is utter nonsense! If it makes life easier for your readers to have a tag cloud on your site, go ahead and use one. If anything, a tag cloud will probably make it easier for all your various pages to be indexed by search engines as they are similar to a site map.