Fast Five in Search – Week 38, 2013

fast-fiveThis week’s Fast Five mostly concerns social media, but there’s a little fresh content in there too!

Taking Advantage of Google’s Bias Toward Hyper-Fresh Content – Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin
It seems like content which has been published recently, is getting preference in Google’s SERPs. Rand talks about this phenomena and how we can use this to our advantage without breaking any protocols.

What Is SEO Now that Everything Is (Not Provided)? By Ruth Burr
Now that Google has announced keyword referral data is no longer relevant, what is the future of SEO? Ruth reveals that SEO’s still have plenty to do!!

Think AdWords Doesn’t Work? Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong by Larry Kim
If you’re struggling to get better ROI from AdWords, you’re probably making one of the ten mistakes described by Larry in this post.

5 Social Media Analytics Companies You Need To Check Out by Albert Costill
Looking for a new way to serve up social media analytics data? Albert describes (and provides links to) the top five companies.

And finally…

Facebook Posts Differ by Age, Gender by Site Pro News Staff Writers
A Facebook post reveals a lot more than you might think. A recent study of 15.4 million Facebook messages from 75,000 volunteers found some common identifiers of both age and gender in many posts.

Happy reading!

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