Fast Five in Search – Week 36, 2013

fast-fiveThere’s a real mix in this week’s Fast Five. We’ve got a couple of interesting case studies, some changes to Google and a bit of advice for those who haven’t made the change to mobile SEO yet.

How a Stay-at-Home Mom Built a Million-Dollar Business (from her living room) through Passionate Online Marketing by Beth Hayden
This is a great story about the intersection of inspiration, creative thinking and dedication. Kelly Lester’s home-based business is expected to pass the $1.5 million mark this year. In this interview Kelly is candid about her success and shares how her social media and content marketing strategies created a passionate community around her product.

Kill it on Facebook by Being TAGFEE by Corey Shelton
TAGFEE is a Moz corporate motto: Transparent & Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic and Exceptional! Corey illustrates the success of this approach through the case study of a professional photographer’s community engagement on Facebook.

When Keyword (not provided) is 100 Percent of Organic Referrals, What Should Marketers Do? – Whiteboard Tuesday by Rand Fishkin
Recent changes by Google have sent the percentage of keywords (not provided) numbers soaring. In this special Whiteboard Tuesday, Rand covers what marketers can do to make up for this drastic change, finding data from other sources to stay on top of their SEO efforts.

SEO Strategies for Mobile Phones and Tablets by Tina Courtney-Brown
With over one billion mobile phones and other devices in the world, those who don’t have a mobile friendly site a little behind. But should you develop a specially made .m site or a mobile responsive site?

And finally…

Reports Claim Google May Ban Cookies on Chrome and Android by Kelsey Jones
In the wake of the release of NSA (National Security Administration) reports that the United States government office is using Google and other Internet data to spy on American citizens, news sources such as are speculating that Google is working on a way to block cookies from Chrome and mobile operating system Android.

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