Fast Five in Search – Week 29, 2013


What makes readers tune in for more? What are employees looking for in an SEO? These things are answered and more, in this week’s Fast Five!

9 Experts and a Summary: What Makes an Ideal SEO Employee? By Aamir Jiwa
What are employers looking for when seeking to employ an SEO professional? Aamir talks to nine industry leaders to discover, not only what industry knowledge they’re looking for, but also the personal qualities which stand out. Are you creative or methodical? It seems there’s a place for everyone in SEO!

Could Google Authorship Offer Protection Against Future Updates by James Brockbank
With more Google algorithm changes on the way, James believes Google Authorship will provide a protective shield for those who use it wisely. It is interesting how this little piece of code, which links your Google+ profile to your website or blog, can dramatically increase visibility within niche industries.

5 Data Insights into the Headlines Readers Click by Nathan Safran
How do you get people to care about important stuff amidst the avalanche of content we all face each day? What is the magic word formula that gets reader’s attention?
This post answers all that and there’s also some interesting internet statistics thrown in too.

5 Steps for Creating Super Hero Slides by Aleyda Solis
I love Aleyda’s Lego pictures in this post. Aleyda shares her secrets to developing memorable presentations that strike an emotional chord with readers.  This is one to bookmark.

And finally…

WordPress Most Popular Plugins by
I can’t resist a good infographic and as a WordPress user, I’m always keen to find more useful plugins!

Happy reading!

*Image courtesy of Threadless

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