Fast Five in Search – Week 28, 2013

fast-fiveSEO the Future of Search Results by Daniel Cristo
Instead of viewing our SERPs as 10 blue links, we could soon be treated to a multimedia info card format. In this ‘back to the future’ post, Daniel presents some convincing examples of what’s to come.

Former Facebook Employee Warns Against Sharing Personal Info by SPN Staff Writers
Katherine Losse, former Speech Writer for Mark Zuckerberg, has warned Facebook users that if the social media site’s staff can access their information, federal law enforcement agencies can as well.

The Importance of Mobile Optimised Content by Ben Austin
Forget detailed explanations, quotes and anecdotes, according to Ben the future of copywriting for mobile devices is short, to the point, and laid out in bite sized chunks – not blocks of text. With over 1 billion mobile devices being used today, it’s important to change our writing habits to suit.

64 Google+ Content Strategies by Maria Peagler
Short on content ideas for your Google+ profile? This is a post to keep referring back to. Maria gives us plenty of ideas to make the most of the world’s fastest growing social media platform.

This one’s for all of us who spend more time than we should staring at screens…

Case Study: How a Corporate Consultant Built a Thriving Business with Content by Beth Hayden
Jen Waak started a successful business by tapping into a much needed area of attention – physical health for office workers – and consistently sharing her insights with others.  Keyboard Athletes is her invention and it’s a site all of us should bookmark.

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