Fast Five in Search – Week 27, 2013

fast-fiveThis week’s collection is mostly about link building, but there’s also a little something about social media and mobile maps too!

Link Building Survey 2013 – The Results by James Agate
James has put together an excellent infographic covering the many perspectives of Link Building – including how much companies are spending on this aspect of marketing, biggest challenge, anchor text strategies etc.

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know Are “Illegal” on Facebook by Jim Belosic
Facebook are constantly changing their rules – which are different for profile and business pages. Jim points out a couple of the most commonly broken rules – including sharing of contact information, photo guidelines, running contests and notifying winners. Plus several links to location where other rules exist (they are often obscure and hard to find).

The Future of Links by John Rampton
Personalised search has changed everything. This is particularly true of links and link building. This short article runs through the old methods and why they won’t work anymore. According to John, big brand thinking is the only way forward.

How to be Included in a Google’s News Feed by Zain Shah
This is a great article about how to get your content recognised across the web, regardless of who you are writing for. Google has made it clear that it is more about the writer than the publisher these days – thanks to Google’s Author Rank. Zain has put together a list of handy hints for writers and content managers which will help gain Google’s attention.

And for something different…

Google Just Released Google Maps for Android Smartphones and Tablets by Adam Morgan
This is a short fun post which I had to include given that I got lost the other day because I couldn’t work out how to use my smartphone’s GPS properly! Adam runs through a couple of the features of Google’s new maps for android technology, so we’ll never get lost again.

Happy reading!

*Image by Threadless

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