Fast Five in Search – Week 25, 2013

fast-fiveIt’s pretty much all about content creation and social media this week. Whether you’re creating content for yourself, or others, (or probably both), i’m sure you’ll find something of personal value in the following posts…

Seven Lessons Learned from Three Years of Content Creation by Pamela Wilson
Are you a plodder? Or would it suit you better to create a backlog of material when inspiration strikes, and send it out at regular intervals later? Pamela shares some great lessons based on her own journey into content creation. I particularly like the idea of batching.

3 Types of Business Research to Develop a Better Content Marketing Plan by Pawelgra Bowski
Creating engaging copy, for a company whose products you’re not really familiar with, is difficult, but not impossible. Pawelgra describes a few interesting methods to help us develop a deeper understanding quickly.

The Perfect Social Media Marketing Suite by Vishal Sankhla
This post delves, a little more deeply than most, into what the rise of social media represents in our society and why, despite the rise of social media, “the science of social engagement, which lies at the heart of this world, still hasn’t been solved.”

The Top 4 Ways to Use Social Media to Earn Links – Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin
In this Whiteboard Friday post, Rand Fishkin shares some of the primary methodologies he’s used to build links for Moz, over the past five years.

and last, but not least…

Transcribe ALL The Things! Benefits, Strategies, and More by Steve Morgan
Another great idea for satisfying the relentless thirst for content – transcribing. Also good for gaining the heart of audiences in parts of the world where internet speeds are still low and watching online video isn’t easy.

Happy reading!

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