Fast Five in Search – Week 24, 2013

fast-fiveThe topic of link building has been popular in the blogsphere this week, so i’ve included a couple of those, plus two great infographic posts – but have you ever considered what happens to your digital profile after you die? Check out the last post for the answers.

Small Business Link Building in a Post-Panda Post-Penguin World by Dan Vuksanovich
It’s great to see some solid SEO advice for small business owners. Dan is right that smaller businesses have different needs and resources to implement a larger SEO strategy – particularly when it comes to link building. Don’t miss Dan’s handy list of link building suggestions towards the end.

How to Use Content + Social Media for Link Building by Kristi Hines
This is the new link building. Kristi examines ways to build your personal profile, through social media and by engaging with authentic bloggers. The days of anonymous link posting and sharing are over. The rise of social media means the actual people within a business or organisation need to build personal profiles.

The Current State of Smartphones by Adam Morgan
I can’t resist a good infograph. In this post Adam shares his friend Victor’s fascinating infograph about smartphones. Smartphone use has risen exponentially over the past few years and they are totally changing the way we engage with media and each other.

The Definitive Guide to Writing and Promoting a Viral Infographic by Jayson DeMers
This is a great follow on from the post above. If you want to improve your infographics or create one for the first time, you must book mark this post. Jayson takes us through step by step.

And for something quite different…

What Will Happen to Your Photos, Emails and Documents After You Die? By Bernadette Coleman
I know it’s not exactly on topic, but most of us who run a business online have a large personal footprint on the web. If you’re like me you’ve probably never thought about what will happen to it after we die. In this post Bernadette has included instructions to enable certain features of Facebook and Google+ to safeguard the future of our digital profiles.

Happy reading!

*Image courtesy of Threadless

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