Fast Five in Search – Week 19, 2013

fast-fiveThe SEO industry is changing, but it’s expanding too. This week’s fast five discusses subtle and not-so-subtle industry changes, new frontiers and how to make the most of emerging opportunities.

1) Why We Just Can’t Be SEOs Anymore – Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin               In this post Rand takes the bull by the horns and asks where the trend to rebrand SEO into ‘inbound marketing’, ‘online marketing’, or ‘web marketing’ has come from?  

2) Case Study: How Content Marketing Saved this Brick-and-Mortar Business by Beth Hayden                                                                                                                               This is a great blog post about the power of content marketing for just about any business! If a blog can save a failing swimming pool shop, it can become a welcome boost for many industries…

3) The 5 Cornerstone Values that Build an Authority Online Presence by Sonia Simone Ever wondered why some websites exude authority? What makes a site instantly engaging? Sonia reveals how the power of the author’s voice shines through and becomes an authentic presence online.

4) Why Does SEO Take So Long? By Chris Sparks                                                      Bookmark this post to share with a client when they inevitably ask this question. Chris takes us through the basic elements of an effective SEO strategy and why ‘time is of the essence’.

And for something a bit different…

5) How to Accomplish More by Doing Less by Study Hacks                                                   I know this isn’t strictly about SEO, but since so many of us spend our daysjuggling several things at once, this post offers some great wisdom about the creative power of focus and attention.

Happy reading!

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