Fast Five in Search – Week 18, 2013

fast-fiveThis week’s Fast Five is mostly about social media – its possibilities and difficulties – but there’s a little SEO thrown in as well.

1) Google Plus: Bridging the Gap by Sarah Hill                                                                  The combination of a growing trend called Human Media and the development of Google + Hangouts, is fundamentally changing the possibilities of human communication. Thanks to Google + Hangouts, events can now be shared in real-time – anywhere a suitable internet connection exists. Sarah says, “Say goodbye to the culture of “likes” and hello to a culture of open dialogue that allows for publically debating issues, norms and beliefs right in front of your eyes.”  

2) How to Avoid Blogging Burnout by Sujan Patel                                                           Starting and maintaining a blog is worth the effort, but is it best to do it yourself, train existing staff or outsource? Sujan outlines all the possibilities for those who are thinking of starting a blog, or are looking for a new way to maintain an existing one.

3) Is Social Media Bad For Your Phone? By Corey Geer                                                     I’m going to show my two teenage daughters this post. Mobile search devices have increased our consumption of social media significantly. With teenagers this is even more so. This infographic outlines the numerous effects all this consumption may be having on our health and wellbeing.

4) What Every Graduate Should Know About SEO and Why by Kylie Olsen            Graduate programs in media and communications are not always adequate when it comes to preparing students for the changing environment of online communications – particularly SEO. One considered the domain of those with a technical bent, basic SEO is becoming a must in every communicator’s toolkit. This is a good catch-up-on-the-basics SEO post.

And finally for a bit of fun…

5) 6 Interesting Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know by Kristel Cuenta                          This is a fun post which provides ways to insert code that will modify the way Facebook updates are displayed on your business pages or profiles.

Happy reading!

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