Fast Five in Search – Week 15, 2013

fast-fiveWe have another eclectic bunch of posts for you this week – from the history of the internet, to SEO from a newby’s perspective. Enjoy…

1) A History of Social Media by                                                                All you infographic fans out there will love this visual portrayal of the history of social media. From the world’s first email, to the plethora of digital channels we enjoy today, this post shows how dramatically the world of communications has changed in 40 years.

2) 33 Link Building Questions Answered by Rhea Drysdale                                              Link building has changed dramatically in recent years and Rhea has taken the time to answer many of our questions regarding the dos and don’ts of link building – post-penguin. Thanks Rhea!

3) Claiming Google+ Authorship and Publisher Markup for SEO by Navneet Kaushat    Most content creators are keeping a close eye on Google+ Authorship and this post adds another layer to the cake. Google Publisher markup is another way to get your content identified and your website noticed. This post contains a bit of code, to make implementing these changes into your website nice and easy.

I’ll finish off with a couple good back-to-basics style posts…

4) The Forgotten Art of Creating Good Title Tags by Andy Williams                                  This post reminds us all shy title tags are still an essential element of Search Engine Optimization. Andy’s clear advice regarding the essential elements of a good title tag, is worth bookmarking.

5) SEO From a Newby’s Perspective by HappyBrooke                                                          This is a good fun post to remind us all what it is like to enter the field of SEO for the first time. Like any industry, if we’ve been in it for a while, we can forget what it may be like for newcomers – who are just branching or starting out. A good post to refer to anyone who might be thinking of taking the plunge into SEO.

Happy reading!

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