Fast Five in Search – Week 12, 2013

fast-fiveI love the sheer diversity of this week’s Fast Five. We’ve got everything from Social SEO to dodgy PPC…

1) Key Elements Every Website Should Include by Ivana Katz                                               I was chatting with a friend the other day who is about to build a company website. One of the first things he asked was what content to include. In this great post, web designer Ivana Katz shares 7 essential items for any business website.

2) How Social SEO Proves to be a Boon For Your Business by Deepak Gupta                   If you’re looking for a way to explain why Social Media is an important part of SEO, this is a great article to refer people to. Deepak explains clearly how likes, tweets and shares tell search engines you are important.

3) Link Building for Small and Local Businesses by Geoff Kenyon                                   This is a great solid article about link building with a couple of ideas I’ve never come across before. In small business link building is often considered a luxury. Yet sometimes a big campaign isn’t necessary. Geoff shows us what a little thinking outside the box can achieve on a small budget.

4) 7 Ways to Improve Your Writing… Right Now by James Chartrand                                   I know this is not strictly SEO, but writing skills are a must in any marketer’s toolkit. This post will have you writing better pieces in minutes. Thanks James!

And finally…

5) How Not to Run a PPC Campaign inspired by eBay’s AdWords #Fail by Larry Kim  We’ll finish up this week with a tongue-in-cheek post, which turns the usual ‘helpful hints’ blog post format on its head. Larry takes pleasure in demonstrating how eBay, the world’s biggest marketplace, wasted millions when it came to PPC.

Happy reading!

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