Fast Five in Search – Week 11, 2013

fast-fiveThis week’s Fast Five contains some fascinating insights into Google as well as some great advice about compelling content and keyword research. Enjoy!

1) Liveblogging: Walk A Mile In Google’s Shoes With Matt Cutts by John Rampton         This is a fascinating live blog post from this week’s SMX at San Jose. Matt Cutts shares everyday moral dilemmas faced by Google when it comes to providing accurate yet questionable or unsavoury content. A must read!

2) How to Deal With Challenging Clients by Craig Bradford                                            Craig is right when he says that as consultants, a large part of our time is taken up managing other people’s attitudes and behaviours – particularly if they are unsatisfied for some reason. Craig’s helpful 7 strategies on maintaining excellent client-consultant relations are good solid advice. Make sure you read his 4 handy tips at the bottom – to rectify things if they do go wrong.

3) 5 Unexpected Keyword Research Sources by Sujan Patel                                     Finding it hard to think outside the box when it comes to keywords? There are many helpful tools regarding keyword generation and analysis, but this post will ensure you enter any client or management meeting with the kind of creative thinking that is sure to be noticed.

4) 7 Content Archetypes That Generate Natural Links by Brian Dean                      Everyone wants to know the secret of getting natural backlinks and answer is of course quality content. But what if your creative energy isn’t flowing? Well, Brian’s list of 7 Archetypes is a handy one to refer back to for inspiration. You’ll probably notice his Archetypes being used throughout the blogosphere after you’ve read this.

and finally…

5) How Is Your Search Engine Handling Synonyms? By Lenin Nair                                 This is an interesting article, particularly for keyword researchers. Apparently Google recognises some synonyms but not others. This interesting post outlines several reasons why this is the case. The one that particularly caught my eye was the fact that keyword targeting by SEOs is helping Google to identify synonyms. The circle is complete!

Happy reading!

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