Q and A: How do I color match my AdSense ads to my blog?

QuestionHi  Kalena…

From your article Top 10 AdSense Tricks To Boost Your Commission on Search Engine Guide you write:

“You can see an example of this color-matching on my search engine advice blog notice the 4 link ad unit and skyscraper text ad unit on the left hand side under the headings Ads by Google as you scroll down the page? The link and text colors are identical to the color palette used throughout the rest of the page.”

I’d like to implement this trick into my own blog but would like to see the visual example on your blog so I understand what you mean. I’ve searched and searched your blog and either I am blind or it is gone. Help!


Hi Chris

That article was written over 3 years ago and I have completely changed the blog design since then and no longer use AdWords on my blog pages. However you can still see the old 4 link ad unit I was talking about in the header of the Ask Kalena blog archive pages.

To implement the color matching on your own site, follow the instructions in the article, being sure to choose your ad unit background color that best matches your blog color scheme.

Good luck!

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