Please take a 10 Second Poll: Businesses on Twitter

I’m writing an article for a major online/offline magazine about how businesses use Twitter and if you’ve got an opinion to contribute, I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve developed 3 polls about the subject and they only take 10 seconds each! Here are the links:

1) Which of the following US companies do you follow on Twitter?

2) Have you ever communicated directly with a company via Twitter?

3) If you represent a business using Twitter, what is your/their *main* reason for doing so?

If you could take 30 seconds to respond to these polls, I’d really appreciate it.

If you’ve had or observed a particularly positive / negative experience with US-based companies on Twitter, and a 10 second poll just won’t cut it, contact me via the big red button above.

Unless they wish to remain anonymous, I’ll be giving credit to helpful tweeps in the article so when you contact me, please include your Twitter id and the id / tweets of the company you’ve observed.

To make the polls more scientifically accurate, I’m aiming for at least 100 responses on each.

Can you help?

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